In ESS, assessment is a critical component of the strategic planning cycle. Every goal at each organizational level has defined strategies and specific continuous assessment measures and targets, and assessment results are reported annually at the department and unit levels, and biennially at the division level. Additionally, each department conducts a comprehensive program evaluation each assessment cycle (every three years), according to program standards from CAS (and/or specific accrediting agencies). A timeline for these processes is depicted below, and further down this page, resources are provided to support this work at the department and unit levels.


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Division Assessment Resource Team

The Division Assessment Resource Team (DART) is a cross-departmental group of ESS professionals who are tasked with assessment for their respective departments. DART meets quarterly to provide cross-departmental updates and identify support needs and meets during off-months for trainings in various strategic planning and assessment processes and tools. DART trainings are also open to non-members who may benefit from attending. For questions about DART, contact Matt Bryant, Division Planning and Assessment Consultant. 


Continuous Assessment Resources

Assessment Methods Guidance

Assessment Plan Template

OIE FactBook

OIE Data Request Form

Qualitative Item Coding Template

Student Employee Competency Rubric


Program Evaluation Resources

ESS CAS Master Site

CAS Process Overview

CAS Process Overview Video*


Survey Resources

Qualtrics Basics Guidance

Qualtrics Basics Training Video*

Qualtrics Advanced Guidance 

Qualtrics Advanced Training Video*

Survey Instrument Guidance

Survey Item Guidance

Survey Planning Checklist


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