In ESS, assessment is a critical component of the strategic planning cycle. Every goal at each organizational level has defined strategies and specific continuous assessment measures and targets, and assessment results are reported annually at the department and unit levels, and biennially at the division level. Additionally, each department conducts a comprehensive program evaluation each assessment cycle (every three years), according to program standards from CAS (and/or specific accrediting agencies). A timeline for these processes is depicted below, and further down this page, resources are provided to support this work at the department and unit levels.


Image of ESS Assessment Timeline

Click here to download the Division Strategic Planning Timelines chart as an accessible document


Continuous Assessment Resources

Campus Labs Baseline Interface

Learning Outcomes Assessment

OIE Data Request Form

Survey Guidance


Program Evaluation Resources

CAS Self-Study Overview

CAS Self-Study Template, Evidence Tracking

CAS Self-Study Template, Self-Study Report


Questions about assessment in ESS?

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