Welcome to Western, and to the Division of Enrollment and Student Services! As we prepare for a new academic year—and one unlike any other year we’ve had—we are more mindful and committed than ever to our mission: to engage with students to promote healthy development of the whole self and our communities. Our engagement is taking some different forms, but we remain focused on supporting students’ health and development as individuals and as members of many communities. There’s a complicated tension about doing that in a pandemic, and in the midst of a national reckoning on systemic racism and bias, when we can’t be together in person to talk and think and work together. But it’s also true that the crisis gives us amazing opportunities, if we have the courage and commitment to seize the moment. Now, more than ever, it’s time to make waves.


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  • About the Division: Information about the Vice President’s office, the division org chart, an index of division departments, and a listing of committee representatives.
  • Campus Concerns: The latest updates on issues that matter to our students.
  • Campus Safety: Annual security and safety reports, campus safety resources, emergency notification, and sexual violence information.
  • Policies and Procedures: University policies, division procedures, student employee onboarding materials, and event permits.
  • Strategic Planning: An overview of division planning, assessment, reporting,  and resourcing processes and tools.
  • Student Advisory Council: Information on the student group providing feedback directly to the Vice President.
  • Student Fees: Information on mandatory fees assessed to students


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