Emergency Assistance

For Emergency Assistance, Call:

On campus: 3911
Off campus: 911

For confidential assistance and support following sexual assault or other violent crime, call Western's CASAS Office at (360) 650-3700


Safety at Western is a community-wide effort. Each of us needs to accept the challenge of living in a way that promotes health and well-being for ourselves and others. To support that, the University provides services for and assistance in maintaining a safe environment.

As in other communities, crimes do occur and you are encouraged to take preventive steps to protect yourself and your property. The key to staying safe is to avoid places or activities that provide a criminal the opportunity to commit a crime against you. Useful crime prevention tips are provided online by the University Police Department. In addition, the Environmental Health and Safety Office, ES 72  (650-3064) and the Public Safety Office, 2001 Bill McDonald Pkwy (650-2945) provide separate pamphlets on personal safety, fire safety, earthquake survival and safety, and health information for employees.